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Additional Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE) Units – Impact on SABS Results 2015-16

As described in Improving the Coverage of the Standard Business Survey Population, published by the Office for National Statistics on 21 December 2015, the coverage of the ONS Standard Business Survey Population has been expanded to include a population of solely Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE) based businesses.

These businesses were included for the first time in the population for the Annual Business Survey (ABS) 2016.  At the UK level, there was an increase of approximately 92,000 solely PAYE-based businesses represents an approximate 4% increase in the number of businesses in the overall population, with nearly all (99.3%) in employment size-band one (zero to nine employees).  For Scotland, there was an increase of 6,875 solely PAYE-based businesses, which similarly represents an approximate 4% increase in the number of businesses in the Scottish population.  

To assess the impact of the additional businesses on the results for Scotland, new estimates for 2015 have been calculated using the new extended population (referred to as 2015paye). These results have been compared with the 2015 results published in the SABS 2016 publication.

Users should note that these additional businesses will not be included in historic SABS data. The new 2015paye estimates have been calculated so users can see year-on-year changes on a consistent basis – note that that these are only provided in the impact table (by division) available here, all other 2015 figures in the SABS 2016 publication exclude these additional businesses.

In the SABS estimates published in June 2018, the level of approximate gross value added at basic prices (aGVA) of the Scottish non-financial business economy for 2015 was estimated to be £87,374.5 million. The impact of the addition of solely Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE) based businesses into the population would have increased the estimated aGVA by £734 million to £88,108.5 million; an increase of 0.8%.

The SIC 2007 divisions that have been most affected by the change are:

96 - Other Personal Service Activities

82 - Office Administrative, Office Support and Other Business Support Activities

74 - Other Professional, Scientific and Technical Activities

Combined, these three divisions would have seen an increase in estimated aGVA of £319.6 million; an increase in the level of aGVA from £2,846.0 million to £3,165.6 billion. Further detail on the impact of the additional businesses is provided in the table available here.