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Purchases (constituent variables)

Background information

Purchases (constitutent variables)

Data on purchases for 2012 onwards has been produced by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) using a new method for the apportionment from the reporting unit purchases to the local unit level. This new method was introduced to preserve the additivity of purchases components values to the total purchases. The Table above provides more detailed figures for constituent variables within total purchases e.g. Purchases of water.

Please note that this Table only covers 2012 data onwards due to the discontinuity in the purchases data series, with 2008 to 2011 still calculated using the original method. Note that this change particularly effects time series data for Gambling & Betting activities (SIC Division 92) where there is volatility in local estimates of payments to winning customers which affects other associated variables, like total purchases and GVA. Additional work and analysis is required by ONS to identify further improvements to the methodology and estimates, to reduce this impact while maintaining the additivity. Until this is completed, regional Purchases and GVA figures for Division 92 (Gambling and betting activities) should be viewed with caution. Please see Methodology for more information.

Please go to this link to view standard ABS forms which detail what is included under each constituent variable.