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Local Authority Tables

Local Authority Tables

Please note that data at link below replicates that found in published Local Authority Area tables above. Filter system has therefore been released just to enable users to create their own bespoke tables (there is no additional data).

Other Tables 

Please note that employment used in SABS Sustainable Tourism by Local Authority Area Table at link below will not always equal that found in Databases for Growth Sector Statistics (where employment is sourced to BRES), due to methodological differences between sources. Recommend using SABS employment when also using financial variables from this source.


Please find below Maps at Local Authority area level for the Manufacturing, Retail and Sustainable Tourism sectors.

The first Map, "Gross Value Added per Head in Manufacturing" shows the variability of labour productivity across the Local Authority areas in Scotland. The Map shows that Aberdeen City, West Dunbartonshire, Clackmannanshire, Argyll & Bute, North Ayrshire, Moray and Angus Local Authority areas had the highest GVA per head in 2017 - this will be driven by the types of manufacturing industries concentrated in these areas.

The next three Maps on "Shares of Gross Value Added" are calculated by dividing each Local Authority areas' GVA (in Manufacturing, Retail or Sustainable Tourism) by Scotland's total GVA for that particular sector to create a percentage, which is then represented as a banding within the Maps.

The final two Maps demonstrate the importance of Sustainable Tourism and Manufacturing sectors in each Local Authority area. For example, in 2017, 9.3% of Highland's non-financial business economy GVA was generated by the Sustainable Tourism sector, this compares to 4.5% for Scotland as a whole. The contribution is calculated by dividing Sustainable Tourism GVA by non-financial business economy GVA in each Local Authority area, which is then represented as a banding within the Map. Please note that the non-financial business economy excludes areas such as the financial sector & parts of agriculture and the public sector.