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Historic Manufacturing Charts


The Scottish Manufacturing Charts below have been created from an integrated dataset constructed from a time-series of key financial and employee variables. The time-series includes data from 1950 to the latest year, converted where necessary to a Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) 2007 basis. A considerable amount of estimation was carried out when converting the data. It is therefore anticipated that the series will be of most use in graphical form to look at long-term trends in the seven sub-manufacturing industries compiled, rather than looking at specific values for specific years.

Charts cover:

  • Employees time series
  • Financial variables time series at current prices
  • Financial variables time series at constant prices
  • Per Employee Charts for selected financial variables
  • Charts for selected variables which show industries as proportion of Scottish manufacturing sector in each year

Please note that Charts do not include GVA at constant prices. Scottish Quarterly GDP series (includes Manufacturing) is already published on Scottish Government website.

For background paper on compiling time series Charts for Manufacturing sector, please click here.