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Community Innovation Survey

Introduction to the Community Innovation Survey

The fourth Community Innovation Survey (CIS4) was conducted by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) on behalf of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in 2005 for the period 2002-2004. The analysis for Scotland was commissioned separately by the Scottish Executive and complements previous figures published by DTI. The report provides a very detailed analysis of the main indicators of innovation, regional benchmarking, cooperative innovation and innovation in Knowledge-Intensive Business Services (KIBS).

Main Findings

  • The headline innovation indicator shows that the majority of Scottish firms (56%) were engaged in some form of innovation activity during the period covered by the survey.
  • Scotland has one of the highest proportions of novel product innovation in the UK, with 65% of product innovations new to the market.
  • Expenditure on innovation in Scottish firms is above the UK average, with Scottish firms spending on average £3,780 per employee compared to £3,620 per employee in the UK.
  • The proportion of Scottish firms undertaking internal R&D was a little below the UK average, however the level of investment per employee was higher than the UK average.
  • There is considerable variation across industrial sectors. The level of innovation is highest in minerals manufacturing (80%) and lowest in hotels and restaurants (40%).
  • Scottish small service firms are amongst the highest innovation performers in the UK, whilst medium sized firms in the production industry perform poorly.
  • Scottish firms are more likely than UK firms to have cooperated with the public sector and universities.
  • There are high levels of innovation in technology based Knowledge-Intensive Business Services (t-KIBS) and relatively high levels of novel product innovation in financial services.

The full report and associated tables can be seen on the Scottish Executive website by clicking on the following link:

The Community Innovation Survey 4: Profiling Scotland's Innovation Performance

Previous Report

Results from the third Community Innovation Survey (CIS3) can be downloaded by clicking on the following links. Some tables are available to download separately due to their large file size. Please note that these tables may take some time to download.

CIS3 Report (PDF file)

Table 4.3 (PDF file)

Table 4.4 (PDF file)

Table 4.5 (PDF file)

Table 5.1 (PDF file)

Table 5.2 (PDF file)


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Further research and statistics on Innovation and R&D can be found on the Business Statistics section of the Scottish Executive website.