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Current and Recent Consultations


Details of current consultations being undertaken are available here.


RESAS published an online consultation on 8th March 2018 seeking user views on the additional data tables which are published online each year by RESAS using data from the Farm Business Survey (FBS). Respondents were asked whether they used these additional outputs, what they used them for and if there is anything else they would find useful to be included in these outputs. A report of the results from the consultation and the questions asked was published online on 5th June 2018.


A user consultation exercise on the Rural Scotland Key Facts publication was run from 24th of May to 22nd June 2018, the aim of which was to gather information on users’ needs and wants from the publication and to seek suggestions for new content. A summary of the findings of the consultation is available here.


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Other Stakeholder Engagement

The Agriculture Statistics Unit is interested in hearing user's views, comments and questions at any time.  Contact details are available from our contacts page.




Openness about planning and prioritising is a key requirement of National Statistics and of our commitment to users and providers.


Agriculture and Fisheries and Rural Statistics Planning


You may also be interested in viewing the Statistics Planning page for the entire Statistics topic.


The Statistics Forthcoming Publications list should provide information on future statistical outputs for the coming year. These can be viewed at:

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