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Rural Areas - Rural Economic Activity

High Level Summary of Statistics Trend Last update: October 2018

Rural Economic Activity

The chart below shows that all indicators of economic activity are highest in rural Scotland. The economic activity rate (people employed or looking for work), employment rate (the number of people employed as a percentage of the total population of working age) and the rate of working age population that is either employed, in education or training are all higher in rural areas than in the rest of Scotland.

Unemployment rates are the same across all areas of Scotland at 4%.

Economic activity of population aged 16 to 64 by geographic area, 2017

RSKF 2018 - Economic Activity

Source: Annual Population Survey in Scotland, January to December 2017

(Using Scottish Government Urban Rural Classification 2016)


1. The unemployment rate is based on the proportion of the population aged 16 and 64 who are economically active. This differs from the other rates in the figure, which are based on the whole population aged 16 and 64. It also differs from the standard International Labour Organisation of definition of unemployment, which is the number of adults (aged 16 and over) expressed as a proportion of adults who are economically active.


Rural Scotland Key Facts 2018