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Archive of Marine Briefs

fisheries weekly briefThe Marine Analytical Unit provides a marine brief reporting on the latest management information about fish landings, fish prices, and uptake of effort and quota. Briefings prior to June 2016 also included a short article reporting on an issue of topical interest, for example new fisheries-related research.

(NB: the article was provided for interest and discussion and does not necessarily represent Scottish Government thinking).


 2016 Monthly Briefs

 Date of briefing                                       

 January 27th 2016                         May 25th 2016                          September 28th 2016

 February 26th 2016                       June 29th 2016                          October 31st 2016

 March 30th 2016                           July 27th 2016                           November 30th 2016

 April 28th 2016                             August 31st 2016                       December 21st 2016


 2015 Monthly Briefs

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 2013 Weekly Briefs

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