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Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural - Publications

Publication List

Details of Scottish Government publications for the Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural theme.

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Overview of Scottish Agriculture

Agricultural Census Results


Farm Incomes, Subsidies and Borrowing Statistics


Other Agricultural Publications

Agricultural Maps

  • Agricultural Maps
    Agricultural parish, region and unitary authority maps of Scotland.

Agricultural Statistics - Research Projects


Scottish Sea Fisheries Statistics

Rural Publications

Land Reform Statistics

Historical Publications

Scans of agriculture statistics publications dating back to 1912. Land use and livestock datasets from 1883 and labour datasets from 1908 are also available.

Standard Outputs and Standard Labour Requirements 

Standard Outputs (SOs) are used to attach values to individual crops and livestock types and to classify farm types in accordance with European Commission regulations. Standard Labour Requirements (SLR) represent the amount of labour required by a holding to carry out all of its agricultural activity and is also used as a measure of farm size. Currently, coefficients based on a five year average centred around 2010 are used to calculate SOs and SLRs:

More information on Standard Outputs and farm typology can be found in the 2013 edition of the Economic Report on Scottish Agriculture (ERSA):