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Rural Scotland Key Facts

Rural Scotland Key Facts

Description: Provides a summary of statistics for Scotland broken down into remote rural, accessible rural and the rest of Scotland.

Frequency of Publication: Biennial

Change in frequency of publication: Please note that the Rural Scotland Key Facts will now be published on a biennial basis. The decision to reduce the frequency was due to characteristics between urban and rural areas not changing markedly between publications.

There were no publications in 2013 and 2014. The publication was delayed from 2014 until 2015 so that it could be based on the Scottish Government Urban Rural Classification 2013-2014, which was published in November 2014.

The 2017 publication was delayed until 2018 due to issues with data that feed into the Scottish Government Urban Rural Classification. This resulted in a delay in the release of the new version of the Scottish Government Urban Rural Classification. The Scottish Government Urban Rural Classification 2016 was published in March 2018. 

Consultation: The Scottish Government carried out a consultation on the Rural Scotland Key Facts publication during the first half of 2018. A summary of the consultation findings can be accessed here

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Year Published

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2018 October 2018 Rural Scotland Key Facts 2018
2015 March 2015 Rural Scotland Key Facts 2015
2012 September 2012 Rural Scotland Key Facts 2012
2011 September 2011 Rural Scotland Key Facts 2011
2010 September 2010

Rural Scotland Key Facts 2010

2009 September 2009

Rural Scotland Key Facts 2009
(please note this publication has been subject to revisions)


September 2008

Rural Scotland Key Facts 2008

2007 November 2007

Rural Scotland Key Facts 2007

2006 November 2006

Rural Scotland Key Facts 2006

2005 September 2005

Rural Scotland Key Facts 2005

2004 September 2004

Rural Scotland Key Facts 2004

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