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These final results indicate that, compared with June 2004:-

  • The area of wheat decreased by 5.1 per cent and the area of barley fell by 5.7 per cent. There were reductions in the areas of oilseed rape and oats (down by 9.3 and 8.0 per cent respectively).
  • The number of pigs fell very slightly, from 472,000 to 469,000, a fall of 0.6 per cent.
  • The total poultry flock fell by 7.4 per cent to just under 15 million.
  • The number of cattle increased slightly (up by 0.6 per cent and remaining at close to 2 million), while the number of sheep fell by 1.1 per cent to just under 8 million. The lambing rate (see note 3 below) was 1.10, similar to the 2004 figure.
  • The total number of staff employed decreased by one per cent. There was a fall of 2.8 per cent in regular staff, but an increase of 8.0 per cent in casual/seasonal staff.

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Key Notes

  1. The results relate to the annual June Census of agricultural holdings. The returns provide information on the crops and livestock on the land which is owned or rented on a permanent basis by farmers, and the labour they employ.
  2. These results cover June 2005 returns for main holdings - i.e. holdings above a certain economic or physical threshold. For the remaining holdings (minor holdings) an estimate is included based on the June 2004 Census and previous Censuses. A complete analysis of returns for minor holdings is conducted after this final analysis of the returns from the main holdings. Annual publications in 2006 will provide figures which will include the June 2005 minor holdings results.
  3. The lambing rate referred to above is calculated for a particular year by counting the number of lambs as at June divided by the number of sheep put to the ram as at December of the previous year. It is not a true physical rate as it excludes lambs slaughtered or sold live out of Scotland prior to the June Census date.
  4. Media may obtain the statistical tables which accompany this news release by telephoning Elaine Mitchell on 0131 244 2969. Non-media may obtain copies by E mailing or by calling Lynda Reid on 0131 244 6150.