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National and Official Statistics - Compliance with the Code of Practice

The Code of Practice for Official Statistics requires producers of official statistics to publish corporate policies and other information to demonstrate compliance with its principles. This section provides links to policies and other documents demonstrating the Scottish Government's compliance.


Official statistics assessed as compliant with the UK Statistics Authority Code of Practice for Official Statistics are designated as National Statistics. Bodies that produce National Statistics are required to ensure that the Code continues to be observed. For other official statistics, compliance with the Code is not a formal requirement but is expected.


The UK Statistics Authority is an independent body operating at arm's length from government as a non-ministerial department, directly accountable to Parliament. It was established on 1 April 2008 by the Statistics and Registration Service Act 2007. The Authority's statutory objective is to promote and safeguard the production and publication of official statistics that serve the public good. It is also required to promote and safeguard the quality and comprehensiveness of official statistics, and ensure good practice in relation to official statistics.



Corporate Policy

The Scottish Governments evidence of organisational compliance with the code of practice is set out in the SG Organisation Written Evidence for Assessment.

Principle 2: Impartiality and objectivity

  • Practice 5 - Publish details of any exemption from the practices of the Code, as agreed by the UK Statistics Authority: No exemptions to report.
  • Practice 6 - Publish a Revisions Policy for those outputs that are subject to scheduled revisions: Scottish Government Corporate Policy Statement on Revisions and Corrections

Principle 4: Sound methods and assured quality

  • Practice 4 - Publish quality guidelines, and ensure that staff are suitably trained in quality management: Scottish Government Corporate Policy Statement on Quality and Scottish Government Guide to Basic Quality Assurance.

Principle 5: Confidentiality

  • Practice 4 - Ensure that arrangements for confidentiality protection are sufficient to protect the privacy of individual information, but not so restrictive as to limit unduly the practical utility of official statistics. Publish details of such arrangements: Scottish Governement Corporate Policy Statement on Confidentiality

Protocol 2: Release practices

  • Practice 2 - Publish a timetable of statistical releases for twelve months ahead: Scottish Government Forthcoming Publications

Protocol 3: The use of administrative sources for statistical purposes

Breaches of Code of Practice

Breaches are reported where they contravene elements of the Code of Practice and the Pre-Release Access to Offiicial Statistics (Scotland) Order:

Other Compliance Issues

This deals with other issues of compliance that have been raised by the UK Statistics Authority.