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About Statistics in Scotland - Geography


Geography is a key component of all statistics and provides a framework for their collection, storage, analysis and release.

Further information

The Scottish Government produces statistics for a wide range of geographies from Scotland and its local authorities down to much smaller areas.

There have been a number of significant developments:

Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics

Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation

Scottish Government Urban Rural Classification


The Scottish Government and General Register Office for Scotland (GROS) work in partnership on geography matters. An introduction to the geography classifications used in the Census can be found at the GROS Census Internet pages. General Register Office for Scotland also produce the Postcode Index which allows information referenced at the postcode level to be validated and also aggregated to a range of other geographies.

An introduction to UK and Scottish geography, describing the key features and relationships between various administrative, electoral and operational geographies can be found at National Statistics Geography.

Standard Area Measurements

Standard area measurements for a range of geographies (including data zones) are available on the Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics internet site (

The ONS also produces information on UK standard area measurements and methods, and this can be accessed at