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Access Our Data

The Scottish Government is committed to making its data accessible. We publish a broad range of data online and can arrange appropriate access to bespoke and linked data sets.


Official Statistics

We publish official statistics in over one hundred bulletins each year, most of which are National Statistics. Most bulletins include data that can be downloaded. A 12 month calendar of forthcoming statistical releases is available.


Open Data

Our open data platform statistics.gov.scot allows access to the data behind our official statistics in open data format. It allows you to explore statistics about our population, health, employment, crime and more for Scotland and it's local areas. The platform enables you to create basic charts and download data in a variety of formats.


Request Data

If you require data that is not published in an official statistic or available on statistics.gov.scot, you can request data. Requests are primarily for statistical analysis and research, and may be subject to certain restrictions that will be agreed with you before any information is shared by us. We will review your request; balancing privacy concerns with the potential public benefit, and ensuring any data sharing complies with data protection legislation.


Linked Data

Data linkage allows for the true value of our existing data to be realised. The Scottish Government continue to enable responsible, efficient and effective data linkage. More information on linking SG administrative datasets is found here.