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Welcome to the Social and Welfare section of the Scottish Executive's statistician group website. We hope that this website will provide you with an efficient and effective way of accessing the information you require.

The Social and Welfare topic area covers a broad range of subjects. If you click on the publications and data section you will be able to access links to all our recent publications and releases as well as a full listing of past publications.

The priorities for the statistician group are developed through consultation with interested parties across the public and voluntary sector, academia and other key users of statistics. Our arrangements for consulting with these groups are set out in this section of the site.

Given the wide ranging nature of Social and Welfare statistics, other related topic areas are often of interest in that they provide additional background information. Through this section of the site you can access other key parts of the statistics website and also other relevant parts of the Scottish Executive website. Links to other relevant websites outside the Scottish Executive are also provided for information, however the Scottish Executive cannot be held responsible for their content.

We are happy to receive comments on all aspects of our work. We are also willing to assist you in finding appropriate statistics to inform your own work.