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Scottish Household Survey - Ad-hoc Analyses

Scottish Household Survey logoThe SHS Project Team attempts to proactively publish a large amount of analysis through resources such as our publications.  Unfortunately it is not possible to proactively produce every possible type of analyses users would look for. As such, we offer an ad-hoc request service where the SHS Project Team will produce bespoke analysis to meet individual user needs.

This page summarises ad-hoc requests received by the SHS Project Team.

Summary of ad-hocs

This section provides a link to a downloadable document summarising all ad-hoc requests for analyses from the SHS which have been recently completed.  The topic and detail of analyses requested is provided, along with a reference number which can be used if you wish to Contact the SHS Project Team for sight of the analyses or to request similar analyses.


Downloadable document:

Title:Scottish Household Survey - Ad-hoc Analyses
Description:Summary of ad-hoc analyses requested from the Scottish Household Survey (SHS) and particular responses when related to Freedom of Information (FOI) cases
File:SHS - Ad hoc requests - June 2016 [XLS, 180.7 kb: 22 Jun 2016]
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FOI Responses

This section summarises any ad-hoc requests for analyses from the SHS which have been received under a Freedom of Information (FOI) request.  By clicking on the link within the description field you can download the response summary document which contains all the analyses provided.

Date Requestor Description
May 2015 Daniel Keast

Levels of Fuel Poverty on households in Scotland reported by SHS including Gypsy/Traveller households residing on permanent sites.

September 2012 Russell Gunson, NUS Scotland Statistics related to highest qualification by gender, age and by adults of working age by net household income from the Scottish Household Survey (SHS)