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Scottish Household Survey - Annual Report 2007/2008 - Web tables

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Web tables from the SHS Annual Report 2007/2008

The SHS Annual Report presents reliable and up-to-date information on the composition, characteristics and behaviour of Scottish households at a national level.

The SHS 2007/2008 Web Tables presents a broad range of detailed analyses at a national level to supplement the annual report, and some information at a sub-national level.

Please browse through the topics below for further information. For further information on the SHS Annual Report 2007/2008, please view our Annual Publications page.

Web Tables

Revisions and Updates






11 Local Services

11.2.219 - 11.2.248

Table titles changed to "Whether xxx services.." rather than "How often xxx services…"

11.2.249 - 11.2.258

Footnote amended to note services are "police service, fire service and social care or social work service"