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Scottish Household Survey - Survey Details

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Survey Details

This section provides background information on the Scottish Household Survey.

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Survey Review 2005

Scottish Household Survey Review 2005

The Scottish Household Survey (SHS) needs to be able to assure users of the quality of its data and also to review its outputs regularly.

The second review of the Scottish Household Survey was undertaken in the summer of 2005.

What did the review focus on?

The review focused on providing information and recommendation on the following issues:

  • Purpose of the survey
  • Survey Subject coverage
  • Data issues
  • Survey Design
  • Survey Output and dissemination
  • Project management and control of the survey
  • Survey Costs
  • Future development of the survey

Contractors' SHS Review Report

To assist the SHS Review Board, McCaig Services was commissioned to conduct a review of the above issues.

Their report, submitted in October 2005, is available below:

The SHS Review Board will:

  • consider how to proceed in the light of the contractors' findings and suggestions, taking account of the funding that will be available for the survey in future, the needs (particularly of its Communities, Transport and Local Government policy areas) for data from the SHS, and the developments that are taking place in other government surveys;
  • decide the future structure and content of the SHS after it has considered the tenders which will be submitted by potential survey contractors in Spring 2006; and
  • During 2006, publish a report which will describe the changes that will be made to the SHS for 2007 onwards.

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