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Scottish Household Survey - SHS Lite - Pro-forma and Guidelines

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SHS Lite

To stimulate the use of SHS data, particularly amongst local authorities, voluntary organisations and academia, the Scottish government developed a simplified dataset called SHS Lite. It is formatted in SPSS to provide all the necessary statistical functions for useful analysis in a form that is easy to navigate.

The downloadable document provides useful background information as to the development and use of SHS Lite, and a pro-forma which should be completed and sent to the SHS Project Team for review before the SHS Lite CD can be sent out.

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Downloadable document:

Title:Scottish Household Survey - SHS Lite - Pro-forma and guidelines
Description:Sets out advice and guidance as to the use of the SHS Lite dataset, along with a pro-forma for completion to request access
File:Scottish Household Survey - SHS Lite - Pro-forma - February 2009 [DOC, 119.0 kb: 09 Feb 2009]
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