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Data Access

All successful applications to access SHS data are summarised on this page. Basic details on each request are provided, whilst further information may be available upon request - please contact us for further information. The latest published information across the survey is the SHS 2016.

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SHS Lite

SHS Lite

SHS Lite User guide

A simplified dataset has been developed by a working group comprising Scottish Government analysts and external representatives. A user guide has been produced which is available from the website or on request from the SHS project team.

What is SHS lite?

In order to encourage more people, particularly those in local authorities and the voluntary sector, to make use of the SHS dataset, the Scottish Executive commissioned the development of a simplified 'lite' version of the full dataset. The full SHS dataset is both larger and more complex, containing around 30,000 cases each two year sweep of the survey with each case having approximately 2,000 variables. With fewer variable, the lite dataset will allow faster analysis on most computers. The lite dataset allows users to undertake most forms of analysis using a smaller data file. It is formatted in SPSS to provide all the necessary statistical function for useful analysis in a form that is easy to navigate. It is aimed at those who already have a basic working knowledge of SPSS.

The dataset is available on request from the data archive and comes with training material to provide users with self-directed study.

How do I make a request for SHS lite?

SHS lite is available to anyone on request. The SHS lite dataset is deposited at the Data archive .

The following data is currently available:

1999/2000 | 2001/2002 | 2003/2004 | 2005/2006 | 2007/2008 |

Due to the number of requests received for accessing SHS Lite, we do not publish a list of recipients on the web.



Downloadable document:

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