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Scottish Household Survey - How to Get Results

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Results from the Scottish Household Survey are available through a number of different ways. Further information is available below for the following topics:

  Overview | Publications and Tables | Replicating Tables | How to Access the Data |
  Data Sources and Suitability | Data Release Procedures | Revisions and Corrections | Copyright Notice

Replicating Tables from SHS Reports

To make it easier for our users to replicate tables in the Annual report, for instance for a particular local authority area, the SPSS (statistical software) syntax files used to generate the tables are available.

There are separate SPSS syntax file for each chapter, and for particular tables where relevant. They download as one zipped file. Please download the SPSS syntax files for:

If you have any questions concerning these files then please Contact us for further information.

These syntax files will also available on request from the UK Data Archive.

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