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Scottish Household Survey - How to Get Results

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Results from the Scottish Household Survey are available through a number of different ways. Further information is available below for the following topics:

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How to Access the Data

UK Data Archive

Anonymised copies of the full and SHS Lite datasets for two-year sweeps (allowing for analysis across all local authorities) collected in the survey for all years have been deposited with the UK Data Archive, together with supporting documentation to facilitate wider access to, and analysis of, the information gathered. To search the UK Data Archive please see:

To access the most recent SHS dataset available there please use the following link:

The following datasets are available from the UK Data Archive:



8463 Scottish Household Survey, 2017
8333 Scottish Household Survey, 2016
8168 Scottish Household Survey, 2015
7964 Scottish Household Survey, 2014
7963 Scottish Household Survey, 2013


Scottish Household Survey, 2012


Scottish Household Survey, 2007-2008


Scottish Household Survey, 2005-2006


Scottish Household Survey, 2003-2004


Scottish Household Survey, 2003-2004: Lite version


Scottish Household Survey, 2001-2002


Scottish Household Survey, 2001-2002: Lite version


Scottish Household Survey, 1999-2000


Scottish Household Survey, 1999-2000: Lite version

SHS Data Release Procedures

The Data Release Procedures page contains information on the SHS and National Statistics; Internal data access and management prior to publication; release timing and arrangements; access to the SHS database; and other publications from SHS data.

You may also be interested to see information about our Data Access Agreements. This provides summary information about recent requests for SHS data, along with the associated guidance and pro-formas for making actual requests.

Further Information

A number of Anti-Social Behaviour indicators used to assess the impact of the local authority anti-social strategies on anti-social behaviour can be based on data from the Scottish Household Survey. For further information, please see our Anti-Social Behaviour and the Scottish Household Survey page.

Any further questions should be directed to the SHS team - please see our Contacts page for further information.

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