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Scottish Household Survey - Publication Summary

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Topic Reports

Analytical topic reports are commissioned for in-depth analysis for a particular topic areas of the SHS. These reports demonstrate how much more detailed use may be made of SHS data.

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Scottish Household Survey Topic Reports


Scottish Household Survey


These reports:

  • provide in-depth analysis of particular topics
  • focus on the results which are relevant to particular policy issues; and
  • look at the SHS results in the context of information available from other sources.

Key issues

Each report concentrates on a single-policy related topic, and has been prepared by one or more external experts.

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Norma Hurley, Lindsay Wilson, Ian Christie, Blake Stevenson Ltd

The aim of the study is to analyse data regarding volunteering among target groups in the Executive's volunteering strategy, as well as information on attractions and barriers to participation in volunteering.

Main report


Financial Inclusion
Keith Hayton, Vincent Percy and Kathleen Latimer, GEN Consulting, Mike Chapman, MCA

A summary of evidence about financial inclusion in Scotland using analysis from the Scottish Household Survey and other sources

Main report


Characteristics and Experiences of Unpaid Carers in Scotland
Dr Judith Harkins and Anna Dudleston, Dudleston Harkins Social Research Ltd

The report examines the demographic characteristics of carers and provides an indication of unpaid carers who may be in particular need of support.

Main report

Research findings

Long-Distance Commuting in Scotland
MVA Consultancy

Analysis of the prevalence and pattern of long distance commuting in Scotland

Main report

Research Findings

TNS System Three Social Research

Analyses in the report look at differences in childcare arrangements, satisfaction with childcare and reasons for using childcare in relation to demographic characteristics of households and examines whether satisfaction with childcare varies with the type of childcare provider used

Main report

Research Findings


Accessibility & Transport
S. Stradling, M. Carreno, N. Ferguson, T. Rye, D. Halden, P. Davidson, J. Anable, S. Hope, B. Alder, T. Ryley and M. Wigan

The Topic Report uses a number of multivariate statistical analyses to examine the inter-linking of person and household characteristics with travel availability measures looking at variations in the accessibility of transport and accessibility by transport in the light of current policy concern with social inclusion

Main Report

Research Findings

Mode Choice
L. Barker & D. Connelly, MVA

This topic report uses SHS data to summarise the key statistics on current mode choice and perceptions of alternative modes, identifying factors which affect behaviour of travellers in making a mode choice.

Main Report

Research Findings


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