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The Culture and Sport module encompasses aspects such as the extent of cultural participation, attendance, reasons why people do and do not do cultural activities or attend cultural events, and perceived barriers.

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People and Culture in Scotland


Scottish Household Survey


Covers participation in cultural activities and attendance at cultural events. May also cover volunteering, use of the internet and factors that influence levels of participation (levers and barriers).

Key issues

Participation in cultural activities. Factors that influence levels of participation

Frequency of publication

Culture and Sport module ran 2007/2008.

Latest release

People and Culture in Scotland 2008

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2013 January 2015
2007/2008 December 2010
  • Child's play: The links between childhood encouragement and adult engagement in arts and culture. Evidence from the Scottish Household Survey Culture Module 2007/2008

    Research Findings | Report


November 2009


November 2008

Please note that the People and Culture in Scotland 2008 report was revised following identification of errors in the supplementary data annexe Excel downloads. Further information on this is available within our Revisions and Corrections page:


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