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Scottish Household Survey Interactive Dashboard

This interactive dashboard contains SHS Local Authority Services and Performance and Neighbourhood and Communities variables. 

Please access the dashboard here.

This dashboard aims to help Local Authorities more easily access results.  The dashboard provides the ability for anyone to compare variables over time and between Local Authorities and allows users to choose a local authority and examine trends affecting their local area.  It also contains maps showing which LAs are significantly higher/lower than Scotland. For more guidance on how to use and analyse the data within, we have a learning tutorial which contains a series of questions to answer by using the interactive dashboard.

The key performance variables that are available in the dashboard are as follows:

Local Services:

•      I can influence decisions affecting my local area

•      I want greater involvement in decision-making

•      My council addresses key issues

•      My council designs services around users' needs

•      My council does its best with the money available

•      My council is good at communicating performance

•      My council is good at communicating services

•      My council is good at listening

•      My council provides high quality services

Neighbourhoods and Communities:

•      Neighbourhood rating: thinking now about the neighbourhood you live in, how would you rate it as a place to live?

•      Community belonging: how strongly do you feel you belong to your immediate neighbourhood?

•      Area improvement: thinking about your local neighbourhood, do you think it has got better, stayed the same or got worse over the last three years?