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Scottish Household Survey - Special Dataset Request - Pro-forma and Guidelines

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Special Datset Request

One of the stated aims of the SHS is to permit the disaggregation of household and individual information both geographically and in terms of population sub-groups. The simplest way to get results on the SHS is to examine the reports and articles that have already been published. The alternative is to undertake your own analysis using our publicly released and anonymised datasets.

A request to be provided with a special dataset can be submitted where the standard anonymised datasets does not contain all the information you require. This should allow users to undertake more detailed analyses for a specific project.

The downloadable document provides useful background information as to when and how you should apply for access to an SHS special dataset. A pro-forma is also provided, which outlines the range of information we require to enable a decision on releasing the required information to be made.

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Downloadable document:

Title:Scottish Household Survey - Special Dataset Request - Pro-forma and Guidelines
Description:Sets out advice and guidance in requesting access to a customised SHS special dataset, to allow detailed analysis to be undertaken, along with the pro-forma which should be completed
File:Scottish Household Survey - Special Dataset - Pro-forma - February 2009 [DOC, 138.5 kb: 09 Feb 2009]
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