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Scottish Household Survey - Consultation (ScotStat) - Key Stakeholders

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Key Stakeholders

The Scottish Household Survey is one of the large scale surveys conducted by the Scottish government and is of particular relevance in providing high quality information on the composition, characteristics, attitudes and behaviour of households and individuals at national and sub-national level within Scotland.

Contextual information on who our key stakeholders are are provided below.

Internal Stakeholders

SHS Lead Analysts

Due to the number of topics covered in the SHS, it requires analysts in each policy area to be involved in the quality assurance, dissemination and development of the survey. This will ensure that full value is made of this resource from analysts across the Scottish Government, ensuring we are providing a evidence base suitable for local policy needs.

The SHS Lead Analysts are the key stakeholders in managing the policy requirements of the SHS, with their key responsibilities being:

  • to co-ordinate questionnaire review for policy areas;
  • to carry out analysis relevant to policy areas on request;
  • to develop and quality assure publications and co-ordinate briefings;
  • to provide expert, definitive advice to users on the most appropriate source to use for any particular statistical measure, and advice on interpretation and use of the data.

Generally speaking, there is a Lead Analyst responsible for each topic within the SHS. For further information on the topics covered within the SHS, please see:

To find out more information about the Lead Analysts, or to request help assistance, please contact the SHS project team in the first instance:

External Stakeholders

Local Authorities

Although the SHS has a large sample that covers the whole of Scotland, it has some geographical limitations because of the sample sizes in small local authorities and because it is designed to be representative only at national and local authority level. Nonetheless, local authority partners play a key role in making use of the SHS data.

We also summarise recent SHS data access requests, which cover requests for special datasets (used to undertake detailed analyses) and for follow-up surveys (to conduct more in-depth research on SHS participants) from stakeholders , including public bodies, academics and students. Summary information on these are available from: