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Scottish Household Survey

Scottish Household Survey

The Scottish Household Survey.  The survey provides robust evidence on the composition, characteristics, attitudes and behaviour of private households and individuals as well as evidence on the physical condition of Scotland’s homes.  


Information for interviewees


Ipsos Mori Scottish Household Survey website 


Scottish Household Survey animation (VIMEO link)

Scottish Household Survey animation (youtube link)


Scotland's People Annual Report 2018

Key Findings 2018

Behind the Numbers 2017

Methodology and Fieldwork Outcomes 2017

Inequalities Data Comic 2017

Bespoke Fife Report 2017

Physical activity report, A Single Step tells a story about how being more active changed a person's life



Local Authority Tables 2018 

Interactive Dashboard, 2017

Scottish Household Survey data is available from 







The Scottish Government's Digital Directorate has launched its first podcast focusing on the 20th anniversary of the Scottish Household Survey.



Why not test your knowledge on the Scottish Household Survey 2018 Quiz?


User days

The next user day is 26th March 2020.

Scottish Household Survey 2019 User Day Presentations


Welcome and Introduction : Dave Signorini, - Head of Better Homes              

Overview of SHS and recent changes : Emma McCallum, SHS Project Manager                                  

Overview of Scottish Surveys Core Questions: Ben Cook, Office of the Chief Statistician                

Overview of Open Data Platform :Martin Macfie | Head of Open Data  

Local Government Benchmarking Framework – the role of SHS data: Emily Lynch, Improvement Service

SHS in a Local Context : Amanda Coulthard, West Dunbartonshire Council

Using the SHS within the Scottish Public Health Observatory’s Health & Wellbeing Profiles:

Andy Pulford, from NHS Health Scotland


April 2018  LARIA Listens: Scottish Household Survey (SHS)/ Scottish House Condition Survey (SHCS)  User Day 

The presentations from the above User Day are now available here.


Our Privacy Notice and  Data Protection Impact Assessment  which give information on the data we hold, what we do with that data and who we share  data with.


Further Information

The following information is available from the SHS website:

  • News - latest and archived news on key activities
  • Publications - overview of the range of publications produced through the SHS
  • Data Access - summary of procedures for gaining access to SHS data
  • How to Get Results - accessing SHS data and information on sources and suitability
  • Survey Details - information including methodology and survey content
  • Interviewees - outline of key information for interviewees
  • User Engagement (ScotStat) - overview of communication and consultation with users and providers and survey reviews
  • FAQs - frequently asked questions about the SHS
  • Links - relevant links
  • Contacts - contact details for the SHS project team

Consultation and Planning

If you want to keep up-to-date with SHS news and developments, register your interest in the SHS through the 'Population and Household Surveys' topic in the ScotStat Register.

You can also refer to our Consultation (ScotStat) page for specific information about the SHS.