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HL3 Return

HL3 user information

The Scottish Government HL3 Return is used for the monitoring of households in temporary accommodation under the homeless persons' legislation.  The HL3 Return was signed off by the HL3 Scrutiny Group on 12 February 2013.

Minutes from the HL3 Scrutiny Group Meeting (12 February 2013)

The HL3 Return identifies the information required by the Scottish Government for each homeless household placed in tempoary accommodation.

The Data Specification, for use in developing IT systems, identifies the format of the data which should be sent to the Scottish Government, and the validations which will be used to check the data.

The guidance notes and a flowchart are to provide clarification for homelessness caseworkers when completing the return.

View a presentation on the HL3.  (Also includes information on PREVENT1)

A HL3 Stand-alone data collection system has also been developed for use by local authorities.