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Homelessness Data Provider site

This web site is designed to help local authority providers of homelessness data collected through the HL1 return and the electronic data capture system introduced in December 2001.

The quick link to find this site is www.scotland.gov.uk/homelessstatsuser


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The Homelessness Data Provider site is split into the following areas:


Homelessness Statistics Users Group
This section contains the papers and minutes from the meetings of the Homelessness Statistics Users Group.
Publications on Homelessness Statistics

This area contains all Scottish Government publications on homelessness statistics. The quick link to this page is http://scotland.gov.uk/homelessstats

Compliance with the UK Statistics Authority's Code of Practice for Official Statistics

-What is the Code of Practice for Official Statistics?
- How we implement the Scottish Government's Revisions and Corrections Policy
- Our Quality Assurance Statement
- Estimating the costs to Local Authorities for responding to the HL1 and HL2 forms


Compliance with GDPR Data Protection Impact Assessment
Key issues

This page is intended to be a reference point for data providers, and will be updated regularly to include frequently asked questions and common issues. If you have information that you would like to share with other data providers, please contact us.

Reference information for HL1 users

This area contains information about the HL1 questionnaire, including output specifications and guidance notes.
2001 issue and 2007 issue.

The HL2 Return

This area contains information about the HL2 Return, primarily used to monitor thousehold in temporay accommodation at the end of each quarter.

The HL2 Return

The HL3 Return

This area contains information about the HL3 Return questionnaire, including output specifications and guidance notes.
The HL3 Return

The PREVENT1 Return

This area contains information about the PREVENT1 return for the monitoring of the impact of housing options work, including output specification and guidance notes (to follow shortly).
The PREVENT1 Return

2012 Pro-Forma and Analysis

This area contains local authority pro-formas, guidance and resulting analysis from the exercise carried out in 2005.

Seminars and conferences

This area contains information from Scottish Government information events on homelessness.



We are always looking to improve our homelessness statistics and welcome feedback from our users. Please contact us to tell us how we can improve.

Scottish Government and SHBVN Data Sharing Agreement

The Scottish Government can aggregate local authority homelessness data to form the SHBVN indicators.  We can then pass on this non-disclosive data to SHBVN, so that local authorities only need to submit their data once, to one organisation.

If you would like to take advantage of this service, please complete and sign this revised data sharing agreement.

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