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Water and Land

water and mountainsOur Water and Land research covers water, flooding, soil, land, biodiversity and renewable energy.   It focuses primarily on rural, land-based environments, though interactions with urban and marine areas will be considered where appropriate.  A key feature is how changes in climate, land use and society will affect these resources into the future.  This work is closely linked with our Ecosystems and Biodiversity research.

The research explores the availability of water, land and renewable energy resources, and how they can be used in a manner which is efficient, maintains ecosystem services, and protects the quality of water, soil and biodiversity.  A better understanding of the interactions between these environmental resources and services will help to deliver multiple benefits and avoid unintended consequences from policy and/or management changes.  Socio-economic work will also help to improve the uptake of such measures by landowners and other stakeholders. The research also looks to the future, and how we can build resilience to changes in land use, climate change and demands from society.

Strategic Links

The Scottish Government's Strategic Research Themes on Water and Renewable Energy and Land Use are relevant to our Water and Land work as well as the Centre of Expertise on Water and Centre of Expertise on Climate Change.

Related Policy Areas

Our Water and Land research and analysis provides evidence which underpins the Scottish Government's Environment policies, in particular it's work on Soils and Contaminated Land, Water, and Climate Change.  It is also relevant to our policy work on Renewable Energy and the Land Use Strategy.