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Sustainable Society

Edinburgh GreenbeltOur sustainable society research and analysis primarily focuses on research and evidence to promote low carbon behaviour change amongst individuals, households and society as a whole.  

The work aims to better understand the behaviours that are central to addressing climate change and the most effective mechanisms for stimulating and supporting new and more sustainable ways of living throughout Scotland. The 'Climate Change Behaviours Research Programme' (CCBRP) has featured a range of research projects, both in-house and commissioned work.  

There are links between this work and the work on Low Carbon Economy and Rural Society and Economy.

Strategic Links

The work of the Centre of Expertise on Climate (ClimateXChange) is relevant to the sustainable society work as projects cover domestic energy use and aspects of community renewable energy, as well as aspects of climate justice.

The Healthy Safe Diets theme of the Scottish Government's portfolio of Strategic Research is also relevant, as it aims to produce evidence and tools that will help to improve the adoption of healthy, sustainable diets by the people of Scotland. This includes research into consumer behaviour.

The Scottish Government also supports two academic research groups with Defra and the Economic and Social Research Council: the Sustainable Practices Research Group (SPRG) and the Sustainable Lifestyles Research Group (SLRG). These groups, based at hubs at Manchester and Surrey, respectively, are carrying out a range of research on sustainable behaviours with relevance to Scotland.

Related Policy Areas

Our sustainable society research and analysis cuts across a large number of Scottish Government policy areas including Energy, Housing, Transport and Waste