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Ecosystems and Biodiversity

EcosystemsOur Ecosystems and Biodiversity research is a programme of linked social and biological science.  It includes research on the relationship between biodiversity, ecological functioning and ecosystem services, and it further explores the social and cultural significance offered by the landscape. The research highlights how ecosystem services underpin our human wellbeing.  It also examines how changes in landuse will impact on the provision of ecosystem services and uses scenarios to test this.  There is a key research component on developing an Ecosystems Approach in Scotland and exploring its utility in a range of contexts, such as the delivery of multilple benefits from land use.

Key objectives include: mapping the supply of Ecosystem Services in Scotland; developing a suite of indicators of Ecosystem Service supply; analysing the resilience and sustainability of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service supply; and developing methods for valuing Ecosystem Services.

Further information can be found in the Ecosystem Services Theme summary document.

Strategic Links

The Ecosystem Services Theme and Land Use Theme  of the Scottish Government funded portfolio of Strategic Research integrates most our Ecosystems and Biodiversity research.

Related Policy Areas

Our Ecosystems and Biodiversity research and analysis provides evidence which underpins Scottish Government policy in Biodiversity (including the international Aichi targets), Land Use, particulalry in relation to the Land Use Strategy, Health and it's work on the Common Agricultural Policy and Strategic Environmental Assessment. It is also relevant to the work of Marine Scotland Science and SASA.