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Scottish Government social research into Housing, Regeneration and Built Environment is carried out by researchers along with other analysts based in Community Analytical Services (Governance and Communities portfolio). Analysts are divided into teams according to specialist topic areas.

Their contact information are as follows:

Housing and Regeneration Research

Ruth Whatling, Principal Research Officer:
Tel: 0131 244 0427; Email: ruth.whatling@gov.scot
Areas of particular responsibility: Housing research; regeneration research; Glasgow Community Health and Wellbeing Research and Learning Programme; and the housing and regeneration outcomes framework.

Hannah Davidson, Research Officer:
Tel: 01312446904; Email: Hannah.Davidson@gov.scot 
Areas of particular responsibility: housing research related to: Regeneration research, older people's housing needs, and the private rented sector.

The Scottish Government
Communities Analytical Services Division
Area 1-F (Dockside)
Victoria Quay
Edinburgh EH6 6QQ