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Scottish Government Social Research Videos

Social Research Videos  (Web section no longer maintained - and no obvious video links)

Scottish Environmental Attitudes and Behaviours Survey 2008 (SEABS'08)

SEABS '08 is a nationally representative survey of just over 3000 adults in Scotland. The key aim of the survey was to produce robust baseline data, repeatable over the longer term, on environmental attitudes and behaviours, to support the development and delivery of environmental policy. The survey covered a number of topics including: attitudes towards climate change, travel behaviour, energy consumption, recycling, eco-purchasing, wellbeing and use of greenspace.

Chris Martin and Sara Davidson, Associate Directors of Ipsos MORI which undertook the research, discuss its findings:


The Educational Attainment of Looked After Children

Researchers from the University of Strathclyde were commissioned by the Scottish Government to review pilot projects aimed at addressing the low achievement in education by looked after children. Lead researcher Dr Graham Connelly talks about the key findings of the research, and highlights some of the interventions that appeared to make the most difference.

One of the main output of the project was a guide for local authorities and service providers. The booklet outlines approaches which could be used to raise the profile of looked after children, ways to monitor their educational outputs, and advice on setting up and running a project.

Guide for local authorities and service providers

A final report and project research summary is also available:

Evaluation of Homelessness Prevention

Cathy Sharp (Research For Real) talks about the social research project she was commissioned to carry out for the Scottish Government on the Homelessness Prevention Innovation Fund. The fund supported eight projects in Scotland which were focused on homelessness prevention.

The aim of the research was to bring together lessons for the projects, and inform the development of homelessness prevention activities across local authorities in Scotland. Cathy also discusses how 'action research' techniques were used to collect the information.

Growing up in Scotland (GUS) Project.

Launched in 2005, the study plans to track 8,000 youngsters from birth through to their teenage years with the results helping shape and influence the future of Scotland's children and family services.

Project Manager Paul Bradshaw explains what the study is all about and outlines some of the key findings to date.

Broadcasting in Scotland
Research initiated by the Scottish Broadcasting Commission into attitudes towards broadcasting in Scotland.