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Innovation Funding

Over the period 2016-2019, the Scottish Government allocated £1m towards a small, but focussed, innovation fund to draw out innovation from any aspect of the longer term agriculture, food and environment research it funds. 

As with the rest of the Scottish Government funding in this portfolio, there was a strong desire to see multi-disciplinary approaches, as well as cross-institute working.  Funding for innovation was primarily focussed on the Main Research Providers: 

  • working with other research and non-research partners on short and medium duration projects to exploit existing knowledge gained through research already completed.

  • initiating and developing research with partners that might confer future economic benefit.

The Scottish Government will continue to seek alliances for funding innovation with industry and other researchers outwith this initiative, recognising the value of the collaborative arrangements we already have in place with Research Councils UK, Scottish Funding Council and others.