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Programme Governance, Structure, Roles and Responsibilities

The table below sets out the hierarchy of roles and responsibilities for the monitoring, reporting and delivery of the Strategic Research Programme 2016-2021.

Programme Governance Structure

  • The Strategic Advisory Board (SAB) oversees all scientific activities and impact from the SRP. That Board is informed of overall progress via an Operational Group comprising DEC and RESAS.

  • The Directors Executive Committee (DEC), comprising the Directors of each MRP, the KE Director, Programme Advisors, and DEC secretary, provides top-level management of the SRP and reports to the SAB Operational Group on progress.

  • A Strategic Advisory Group (SAG) with wide membership from scientific and stakeholder communities advise DEC on strategic research and KE activities.

  • Theme Coordinators coordinate all Theme activities and report to DEC. They are responsible for monitoring progress within the Theme against agreed and timetabled activities/deliverables/events, reporting to DEC and RESAS Science Advisors to provide information when objectives are achieved and impact is realised. Where necessary, they report on problems with delivery to DEC and provide advice on contingency plans to address such issues.

  • Workpackage (WP) Coordinators in each Theme coordinate Work Package activities and report to Theme Coordinators.  They are responsible for monitoring progress and KE activity of the WP against agreed and timetabled activities/deliverables/events and reporting to the Theme Management Group. 

  • Research Deliverable (RD) Coordinators coordinate Research Deliverable activities and report to their WP Coordinator.  They are responsible for monitoring research progress within the RD against agreed and timetabled activities/deliverables/events and report to the Work Programme Management Group.