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Centres of Expertise

£6m (2019-2020) is being provided to four Centres of Expertise in areas of high policy importance, Water, Climate Change, Animal Disease Outbreaks and Plant Health. These are virtual centres that bring together expertise across the publicly funded research sector.

Each Centre of Expertise aims to provide the best available scientific advice to inform Government policy in an efficient, accessible and streamlined way. The Centres' work will be aligned to research within the MRPs, closely linked to the wider policy agenda from Government, and draw widely on the resources within Higher Education Institutes and other research providers.

Funding awards to the Centres were made following a competitive tendering exercise and peer review of research proposals by scientific and policy experts.

Centre of Expertise - EPIC Centre of Expertise in Animal Diseases

Centre of Expertise - Climate Change

Centre of Expertise - Water

Centre of Expertise – Plant Health