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Strategic Science Advisory Panel

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The Strategic Science Advisory Panel (SSAP) was formed in January 2006 to provide independent high level advice to Scottish Executive Environment and Rural Affairs Department (SEERAD) (now Scottish Government) on the implementation of its research strategy and on the strategic development of the research programmes including horizon scanning.

The Panel formed for a period of two years and comprised 10 independent members and an independent chair. They were appointed as individuals, not as representatives of their particular profession, employer or interest group and had a duty to act in the public interest.

Each meeting focused on discussing a specific topic area with papers and presentations from Scottish Government officials and from other UK research funders.

Final Report

The SSAP published a final report in April 2008. It summarised their activities and detailed their conclusions in the form of advice to the Scottish Government's Chief Scientific Adviser for Rural Affairs and the Environment. The report is a web only publication and is accessible by going to 'Report and Advice from the Strategic Science Advisory Panel'

Further information

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