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Programme Management and Knowledge Exchange

Theme 0: Programme Management and Knowledge Exchange

Programme Management (WP 0.1): Brief Summary

Efficient and effective management arrangements are crucial to ensuring that the Programmes commissioned by the Scottish Government achieve the desired outcomes. Governance arrangements aim to balance a light touch in terms of resources with ensuring clear communication and effective project management throughout the Programme.

The Directors of the MRPs have formed a Directors' Executive Committee to oversee delivery of the Research Programmes. The Committee reports to a Strategic Research Programme Board twice yearly.

Knowledge Transfer/Exchange (WP 0.2): Brief Summary

The Knowledge Transfer/Exchange Strategy for work commissioned by the Scottish Government sets out how the desired outcomes of the research will be achieved through effective communication of research findings to the main users. It also describes how the success of the Knowledge Transfer /Exchange activities will be assessed.

Knowledge Transfer/Exchange will represent the principal activity through which outputs from the research are shaped, shared and communicated with target audiences.

Financial Allocation

2013 - 2014: £0.504 million

MRP Theme Co-ordinators

Professor Iain Gordon, The James Hutton Institute (for Programme Management)

Professor George Marshall, SRUC (for Knowledge Transfer and Exchange)

Link to Tender Document and Knowledge Transfer/Exchange Strategy

Programme Management and Knowledge Exchange - Full Tender Document (pdf)

Knowledge Transfer / Exchange Strategy (pdf)