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Rural Land Use Study

The Rural Land Use Study

Rural landscapeThe aim of this cross-cutting study was to provide an integrated evidence-base on the potential contributions of Scotland's rural land to delivering on the Scottish Government's purpose of sustainable economic growth, and to help in addressing major policy challenges across government and the wider public sector, such as climate change, ensuring food and energy security, and meeting housing and infrastructure needs in response to changing demographics.

The Scottish Government's Rural and Environment Research and Analysis Directorate (RERAD) managed this Study, with a project team combining experience in natural science, social research and economics. The Study consisted of three main research projects, which were commissioned through open competition.

Findings from the projects were presented and discussed at a Rural Land Use Summit, in Inverness on Monday November 9, 2009, where their implications for land use in rural Scotland were debated by a range of key stakeholders.

Outputs from the research and the Summit will be used to inform policy development across a wide range of areas, in particular the development of Scotland's first Land Use Strategy.