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Coordinated Agenda for Marine, Environment and Rural Affairs Science

CAMERAS 2011-2017

Supporting the Government's single purpose:

"creating a more successful country, with opportunities for all of Scotland to flourish, through increasing sustainable economic growth".


  • Align and coordinate the scientific activity of the CAMERAS partners, ensuring best use of existing resource.
  • Enhance support to Scottish Government policy development and delivery, primarily in the Marine, Environmental and Rural areas.

A Board was established to take forward this work. The Board consists of members from each CAMERAS partner


CAMERAS addresses all aspects of both strategic and applied natural science, economic and social science research, including monitoring and surveillance, knowledge exchange and the more effective use of existing data and information.


  • Make better use of the collective resource and capacity within the CAMERAS partner organisations in terms of people and of research budgets
  • Provide improved support to Ministers and policy makers
  • Maximise the impact of evidence and analysis
  • Provide a more coordinated response to relevant wider UK and global issues e.g. climate change, food security