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Working Group: Scotland Without Nuclear Weapons


The Working Group on Scotland Without Nuclear Weapons met for the first time on Wednesday April 9, 2008 under the chairmanship of the Minister for Parliamentary Business.

Details of the remit and membership of the Group, which will meet three times a year, can be accessed alongs with minutes of the Group's meetings, which will be available within three months of the meeting.

The Minister for Parliamentary Business Bruce Crawford said:

"I am delighted that such a distinguished panel of experts has agreed to serve on this Working Group to advise Ministers on this important remit. The creation of the Group represents an important landmark in the Scottish Government's aspiration for a Scotland free of nuclear weapons.

"It would irresponsible of any Scottish Government not to consider the potential impact of the removal of nuclear weapons from Scotland and one of the Group' most important tasks will be to assess what could be done to ensure the economic wellbeing of the surrounding area, were a decision to be taken to remove nuclear weapons from the HM Naval base Clyde".

It is envisaged that the Group will produce a report for Ministers, providing information and options on each of the five aspects of the agreed remit.