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Food Poverty

Fair Food Transformation Fund

The Fair Food Transformation Fund is currently supporting community-based organisations across Scotland that are providing dignified support that helps to tackle food poverty and food insecurity. The supported projects include a range of activities that offer food support as part of wider activities and services, alongside opportunities to develop new skills around cooking, growing and food education and to make a valued contribution to projects through volunteering. It is part of our £1.5 million a year Fair Food Fund which aims to: 

  • Reduce and, over time, remove the need for food banks in Scotland and shift from delivering food charity to a system of food justice where everyone has access to affordable, nutritious food
  • Build the community food movement across Scotland, promoting the social value of food and supporting people at risk of food poverty in dignified settings where they can also volunteer, learn new skills and access wider community based activities and support.

The Fair Food Transformation Fund is continuing to fund its current suite of projects for 2018/2019 and as such, the fund is currently closed to applications. If you wish to apply to the Fair Food Transformation Fund in the future, email fairfoodfund@gov.scot and we will contact you when we re-open the fund to applications in 2019. 


Fund Purpose and Principles

The Fair Food Transformation Fund aims to help Scotland become a 'Good Food Nation' - a country where everyone has access to healthy, nutritious food without needing emergency food aid.

The fund will support projects that give a more dignified response to food poverty and help to move away from emergency food aid as the first response.

To be funded, projects must show how they propose to meet the four principles for a more dignified response to food poverty, described by the Independent Short-Life Working Group on Food Poverty:


  • That people with direct experience of food poverty help shape and deliver the service or solution.
  • That projects recognise the social value of food and aim to build community around food to create the feeling of a place where people choose to go, rather than have to go.
  • That projects provide opportunities for people to contribute, for example, through volunteering in different roles, sharing and learning new skills, growing food and participating in local community life.
  • That projects ensure that, as far as possible, people are able to choose what they eat; that the choice should include fresh and healthy food, and that where people can pay something for their food they have the dignity of being allowed to do so.


We will also expect to see strong evidence of partnership and community-based working to ensure that projects are well integrated with other local support and community activities.



The fund will only support projects from voluntary organisations, community groups, housing associations and social enterprises.  Public sector organisations may not apply.


Application Form

Application form and FAQs.