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Call for Evidence

The Expert Working Group on Welfare issued a Call for Evidence working paper presentation as part of a wider programme of engagement.

Stakeholder sessions

As well as the Call for Evidence the Group also held stakeholder workshops for interested parties:


Ipsos MORI report

The Group also commisioned Ipsos MORI to look at public attitudes to welfare. Their report was published alongside the Group's report.

Scotland: Now and in the Future

Alongside the Group's report is an evidence based paper that sets out in more detail the context within which the Group had its discussions on welfare.

Call for Evidence Responses

We are grateful to the following people and organisations for responding to the Call for Evidence:


Working Paper

Alongside the Call for Evidence a working paper was published which brought together evidence from a range of publicly-available sources setting out where Scotland stands in relation to welfare and associated matters in comparison to other European nations and the wider Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).


The group has engaged fully with a range of parties interested in the future of the benefits system in Scotland and to encourage discussion events and forums.


If you require information in relation to the work of this group then please contact:-