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Expert Working Group on Welfare

The Expert Working Group on Welfare  published the above final report on the 4 June 2014.

Martyn Evans, Chair of the Expert Working Group was the guest speaker at the Child Poverty Action Group annual conference on welfare rights 13 June 2014 and he provided the above summary of their report.


Find out more about the group's engagement at our process section.

Key Milestones

4 June 2014: The Group published their second report

  • The Group publish their second report setting out their route map for reform and short, medium and long term options for change.

23 September 2013: Expert Working Group issues Call for Evidence

  • The Group issued a Call for Evidence seeking the views of interested parties on future welfare policy.

4 August 2013: Expert Working Group to further develop independent welfare system

  • New Group members announced to consider medium and long term policy options.

11 June 2013: Expert Working Group publishes first report

  • The Expert Working Group published their first report on 11 June 2013.

11 June 2013: Scottish Government's response to the Expert Working Group's report

  • The Scottish Government published its response to the Expert Working Group's report.

8 February 2013 Initial Call for Evidence responses and analysis

  • The initial Call for Evidence ran from February until March 2013, the above paper provides links to the call for evidence responses as well as copies of all the analysis.


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