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Older publications

These formed part of the development of our child protection policy and have helped inform current thinking:

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This content is no longer being updated. For up-to-date information about the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry go to: https://www.childabuseinquiry.scot/


Young people with hands on footballNational Guidance for Child Protection Committees for Conducting a Significant Case Review


National Action Plan on Child Sexual Exploitation (11 Nov 2014)

The Minister for Children & Young People established an expert Working Group on CSE that reported with initial recommendations in 2013. The group has developed a comprehensive multiagency National Action Plan on Child Sexual Exploitation, taking account of the widespread work being carried out in this area, including the Public Petitions Committees report published in January. The National Action Plan marks a milestone in our conversation, not a conclusion.

National Action Plan on Child Sexual ExploitationSafeguarding Scotland’s vulnerable children from child abuse: A review of the Scottish system (11 Nov 2014)

A review of Scotland’s approach to child protection services, specifically considering the safeguards put in place, the impact of the Getting it Right for Every Child (GIRFEC) approach, developments in preventing Child Sexual Exploitation, and the implementation of the recommendations of the Shaw Review into systematic abuse in residential care published in 2007.

National Guidance for Child Protection in Scotland cover National Guidance for Child Protection in Scotland 2014

Provides a national framework for agencies and practitioners at local level to understand and agree processes for working together to safeguard and promote the wellbeing of children. It sets out expectations for strategic planning of services to protect children and young people and highlights key responsibilities for services and organisations, both individual and shared. National Guidance for Child Protection in Scotland (e-book version)

Child protection and disability guidance - coverChild protection and disability guidance

These additional practice notes are for all practitioners and have been designed to be read in conjunction with the National Guidance for Child Protection in Scotland 2014. They aim to raise practitioner awareness of the increased vulnerability of disabled children and ensure that practitioners take this into account in their involvement with disabled children and their families.
Child protection and disability guidance (e-book version)

Getting our priorities rightUpdated GOPR published

We've refreshed Getting Our Priorities Right, the good practice framework for child and adult service practitioners working with vulnerable children affected by problematic parental alcohol and/or drug use. The update fully reflects the GIRFEC approach and focuses on early intervention and 'whole family' recovery.

National Learning and Development Framework Scotland 2012National Framework for Child Protection Learning & Development

Setting out a common set of skills and standards for workers to ensure the delivery of a consistently high standard of support to children and young people across the country, the aim is to strengthen the skills and training of professionals and improve the advice and tools available to them in assessing, managing and minimising risks faced by some of our most vulnerable children and young people.

National Risk Framework to Support the Assessment of Children and Young PeopleNational risk assessment framework

A national risk assessment 'toolkit' for child protection to support practioners in identifying and acting on child protection risks for children and young people.

Child Sexual Exploitation Short-life Ministerial Working Group report

This report sets out the findings of the Short-life Ministerial Working Group established in April 2013 to consider child sexual exploitation (CSE), including the programme of activity underway in Scotland to address this. The Group's role was to advise on the implementation of the Scottish Government programme of CSE-focused work, and to consider potential areas where other action might be needed.



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