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Leadership and Workforce Development

Good leadership is crucial in child protection, and its value can’t be understated.  Leaders have a critical role in articulating and embedding the shared values that underpin child protection work, creating a line of sight between the strategic vision and practice on the ground.  Leaders are also crucial in creating the right culture for achieving the best outcomes for children and families.

The Leadership and Workforce element of the Child Protection Improvement Programme began with a Practitioner event in May 2016 and a Leadership Summit in June 2016.

Using the Leadership Summit as our starting point, we are developing a programme of work around leadership to support leaders in their complex role. This will build on existing work already being undertaken by leadership programmes, rather than duplicating other leadership work. 

In addition, the Systems Review Group will look at the leadership role of Child Protection Committees and its findings will inform this work.

Leadership is about more than just those in positions of authority; effective leadership behaviours should be valued and encouraged at all organisational levels.  The workforce is our most important asset in delivering an effective child protection system. Social Services in Scotland: a shared vision and strategy 2015-2020 identified ‘supporting the workforce’ and ‘promoting public understanding’ as areas for action. We will work with partners, and build on learning from our practitioner event, to identify how to best support these priorities in relation to Child Protection.