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Children's Hearings

The Children’s Hearings Improvement Partnership (CHIP) has been tasked with scrutinising practice in and around the hearings system and to report on its findings.  CHIP will take forward work, on behalf of the Child Protection Improvement Programme, to ensure that practice and decision-making within the Children’s Hearings System is consistent across Scotland.  Shared priorities include a drive to ensure that there is consistent improvement in all aspects of service delivery, with a view to promoting the quality of outcomes for children and young people. 

The following ‘priority activity’ areas have been selected to support the delivery of further quality improvement, with a focus on outcomes:

  • To promote GIRFEC and ensure that our most vulnerable children receive the most effective support. CHIP will consider the implementation of Looked After Children Strategy with a view to supporting quality home supervision. CHIP will also consider the communications between Children’s Hearings and Local Authorities
  • CHIP will consider recommendations from the Scottish Legal Aid Board, which examines the role and impact of legal representatives on children, families and the wider Children’s Hearings System. CHIP will take forward relevant recommendations and produce an action plan for their implementation this Autumn
  • Taking forward a ‘whole systems approach’ CHIP is actively considering the experience of 16 and 17 year olds who are subject to children’s hearings proceedings. CHIP will examine the process from start to finish and evaluate the effectiveness of the existing system for this particular age group.