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Principles behind GIRFEC

The GIRFEC approach:

  • is child-focused.
    It ensures the child or young person – and their family – is at the centre of decision-making and the support available to them.
  • is based on an understanding of the wellbeing of a child.
    It looks at a child or young person’s overall wellbeing – how safe, healthy, achieving, nurtured, active, respected, responsible and included they are – so that the right support can be offered at the right time.
  • is based on tackling needs early.
    It aims to ensure needs are identified as early as possible to avoid bigger concerns or problems developing.
  • requires joined-up working.
    It is about children, young people, parents, and the services they need working together in a coordinated way to meet the specific needs and improve their wellbeing.

GIRFEC is for all children and young people because it is impossible to predict if or when they might need extra support.